Palliative care is a complete and holistic way of caring for those suffering patients whose ailments and diseases cannot be cured by conventenal medicine.Using appropriate means of response palliative care provides comprehensive relief for those people who are bed-rid-den with severe physical ailments.

'Companions' aims to bring assistance and seccur to those vulnerable patients suffering from prolonged illnesses without care and who are economically weak and socially isolated. Recognizing that it is a societal responsibility to care for aforementioned patients 'Companions' is inspired and aims to assist society in making their lives comforting and soothing.

Saanthwanam Companions, is a non-profit organization which has made its mark on Art-sports and Social Service areas for last 24 years. In favour of our 25 years celebration committee meeting, there was a decision to make a new initiative to protect aged people who have no relatives, help and other chronic patients. Hence, the new organization called "Saanthwanam Companions, Pain and Palliative Care" has created with about 250 members at the moment.

We have contacted people who alike aforesaid and and helped them within the limitations of our newly created organization. Our current services are - Supply medics and dresses and vitamin food etc, Bare lab charge and other tests, Re-changing catheter and other equipments with help of doctor and hospital in patients house, Supply ration to patient's family monthly.

We are happily announcing that , we have an ambulance for medical transportation use (It worth Rs.275000/- with 1,25.000 has collected as donation, rest amount is the debit).

We humbly request all to keep this organization as its good initiative with all kind of support and help.